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Updates on the status of iCloud Unlock

New release: iOS 9.3 support added

iCloud removal for iOS 9.3

Apple released iOS 9.3 last week and our tool didn’t work on all tested devices. We updates the core functionality of our iCloud removal tool “DoulCi Activator” and it is now available to download from our download page here. This update is called DOULCI activator Version 3.4 with updated support for the latest iOS firmware 9.3 on all iPhone and iPad models. Our tool is still the one and only working free icloud unlock method that works on all devices. Free iCloud bypass software tool download for free without surveys on doulci-activator.com!

iOS 9.3 icloud bypass software

iOS 9.3 update

Apple has once again one of the issues addressed in the latest version of iOS. The iOS 9.3 update was temporarily put stop because the image could crash during the activation process on older devices. This is the iPad Air, iPhone 5S and previously released devices. The crash happened just by entering an incorrect password, but the system does not always asking for the correct password. This allows many users were affected by the bug. Although users could also get back their devices working in a roundabout way, there is now a new version of iOS 9.3 is available that the problem should be solved completely.

doulCi activator – first release

doulCi activator – first release

DoulCi is the first real iCloud bypass tool that will work on any device.

We will very soon release the doulCi activator, the tool we already got our hands on and that is not going to be released on doulCi.net!


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Secrets of doulCi Activator

Secrets of doulCi Activator

Who are we?

A few friends with a love for iPhone but a hate for iCloud.


Where we from?

Somewhere in Europe where they speak Dutch (Nederlands)


When are we going to release doulCi?

Good news on this part: doulCi tool is now already in our hands! We will be releasing it very soon. ( Check the download center )



ALL iPhone models, ALL iPad models, ALL iOS 7 + even iOS 8 (beta) firmwares are supported!



Only $40 bucks!


No joking… Our tool will be COMPLETELY FREE! $0 , No Payments, No Surveys, No charges, No donations, … Ok you got it now. It’s FREE!


Direct download link?



What about bypass Server?

Good news here! Our tool will work WITHOUT iCloud bypass server. So don’t need to wait for us to put our servers online! When you download our tool and you installed it you must run the tool. This tool will communicate to your iTunes on your pc and will act as the iCloud activation server.


So once again: Your PC will be an iCloud activation server! Pretty awesome, right?


Carrier Signal? Network operator?

Yes, this tool also will get your iPhone network back up (or ipad), however it’s not permanent and we’re still working on it. Give us some time, after all you all have been waiting AGES to get this =). WARNING: Do NOT upgrade your iDevice in iTunes to the latest firmware!




First iCloud Unlock Server

First iCloud Unlock Server

doulCi is the world’s first Alternative iCloud Server, and the world’s first iCloud Activation Bypass. doulCi will bypass and activate your iDevice for you when you are stuck at the Apple activation menu. 

So, why would you use it? For example, if you have forgotten your Apple ID and password or no longer have access to your old iTunes email account then its impossible to regain control of your Apple Product! doulCi is the solution that will enable you to regain permanent access. 

More Information will follow soon !

Why we build doulCi

DoulCi : iCloud Unlock Tool

DoulCi was built with love for the people, to give them a second chance to get there iDevices working again for simple use,and we have made this project because we are thinking about you and how we can be helpful for you and your family. This amazing tool called doulCi can get bypass the iCloud Activation Lock and get your device working again partially to get back your digital life, contacts, mail, notes, etc…

DoulCi is built only for personal use, and conditionally for the original owners which have lost/got hacked or forgot there login info. Please! Use it at your own risk.

Thanks for all the grateful people who we love. And because they believe in us and our product. We don’t forget our partner in crime PilzXtac

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