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Reports show that 75% of all iCloud unlocked devices are using DoulCi activator.

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This tool is complete free. You don't need to pay us. We only ask you to register and complete a survey.

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Many clients have posted video reviews to show off that doulci really worked and unlocked many iOS devices.

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The entire world uses doulci because we support ANY iOS -version and -device. Try it yourself!

DoulCi Activator
iCloud Unlock tool

You can bypass iCloud activation lock with our latest DoulCi Activator tool. It's easy to use and simpel to download. After download follow our instructions, connect your device and run the tool.

Our tool is free but before downloading we ask you to complete a survey with our partner TrialPay in return all the time and development that was needed to create this ultimate iCloud unlocking software.

Windows Mac

Free iCloud Unlocker for iPhone, iPad and iPod

DoulCi is the one and only real iCloud unlock tool that works on all iOS devices. Our tool uses a mirror activation server that activates your iPhone/iPad/iPod when connected to iTunes. It's 100% free and works on Mac, Linux and Windows.

Download doulCi activator and bypass iCloud on any iDevice on any firmware!
DoulCi Activator is not a UI tool that will work on your pc by running an exe file.

The files included in this packages allows you to run your own iTunes iCloud bypass server so that you can bypass the iCloud activation screen from your local server or web server. Please note that we only give limited support because these files are for development purpose only.

NEW RELEASE: DOULCI Version 6.5 released on 15 June 2017.


Download the free iCloud unlocker tool from our website after completing a survey.


Install the DoulCi Activator server files to setup the activation process.


Our unlock method is working on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Any iDevice

Works with any iPhone, iPad or iPad and we support all current iOS versions.


We are not responsible for the use of this software, you are fully responsible yourself.

How does this work?

DoulCi is not a UI tool but these files allows you to run your own iCloud bypass server.

genuine iCloud bypass tool

Download the tool, install the files on your computer.
Connect your iDevice and activate in iTunes.
Reboot your iDevice and complete the activation process.

additional unlock services

Some people may find it difficult to unlock their phones with our software but we also offer iCLoud unlock services.

DoulCi Activator



  • 1 iOS device
  • Any iOS firmware
  • Any iDevice
  • No guarantee
  • Standard support
  • Instant download

iCloud Unlock Service


Per iDevice

  • 1 iOS device
  • Any iOS firmware
  • Any iDevice
  • Full guarantee
  • Full support
  • 1-7 days to unlock

*After succesfull payment you will automatically recevie an instructions e-mail.

frequently asked questions

Have any questions or issues? Try out our frequently asked questions before contacting us.

DoulCi Activator is a tool that lets you activate an iCloud locked iPhone, iPad or iPad by running your own activation server localy on your computer. This way you can trick your iPhone and let him think he's communicating your Apple Servers while our tool is acting as the activation server.

It's very easy to use. You download the files, install them on your computer, connect your iDevice, activate with iTunes with the tool running. After the process you reboot your iPhone and unlock it.

We cannot do it for you or give remote support. However we also offer an unlock service on distance that costs $59.

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About us

DoulCi Team is a group of 4 iOS developers who found a backdoor in the iOS activation process. With our knowledge we made a customer friendly tool that anyone can use.

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